Does the slider door need to be modified?

No. The slider door will open fully without modification. Regular depth flares will work on vans with dual slider doors.


What if my slider door contacts the Flare?

There are Sprinter Vans that come from the factory with a shallower door clearance for the slider. We have only seen this on vans purchased outside of the US. This rare occurrence will cause the slider to contact the passenger side flare. This is remedied by installing the more common slider mechanism for the door that pulls it further away from the van exterior. Please use the part numbers below as a reference and contact your local Mercedes OEM parts dealer with your vin number to confirm the part needed for your van.

Sprinter Van with Left hand slider door: A9067601247

Sprinter Van with Right hand slider door: A9067600947

Will my doors still open 270 degrees?

For 270-degree door opening installation of an “extended door stopper” on the rear door is required*. This part is available at your local MB of Freightliner dealership (part no. 9067600728). 

*Please note this will not work if you opt for a rear door ladder, the ladder will touch the flare regardless of rear door stopper.

Can I install flares on a passenger Sprinter Van?

Yes! Once the glass is removed from the rear quarter panel, any of our Sprinter flares can be installed. Please be sure to obtain a quote for the glass and adhesive removal from your local shop. It takes more time than just cutting an opening in the sheet metal of the van.

On the driver side, the factory window fills the entire rear quarter panel and does not stop at the slider door indentation. Our flares will not cover the bottom 3 inches on the driver side as they are made to work on vans with dual slider doors. You will need to touch up the paint or apply a strip of vinyl.

Do Flares work with a side ladder?

Regular depth flares will extend 3.25" off the sheet metal, same depth top to bottom. Not an issue with the ladder as far as clearance is concerned. Just remember, the further back the ladder, the less space your toes have to go past the ladder tread. The extended driver side flare will also work with a ladder. Your mounting point at the bottom is forward of the wheel arch.