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Photo and van build by Reed Building


For The Love of Vans

At Flarespace, we love vans for the many ways they enrich our daily lives. Whether your van is packing gear, hauling a soccer team or taking you on a weekend getaway, we believe a little extra space can make all the difference. Give your imagination room to build the van of your dreams.


Create A Bed In Varying Width

Flares extend the width of your van, increasing usable space and opening up new design options. The size of a bed will be flexible in width and up to 80" long. A bed can be installed 30-36" off the floor. With a bed turned sideways, you will gain enough usable floor space for a row of seating, extra gear, and whatever else you dream up. Sleep sideways. Make space.


Functional + Aesthetic

Proudly manufactured in Portland, Oregon, our fiberglass flares are designed to be both functional and aesthetic. Flares fit into the rear quarter panels of 2007-2019 Mercedes Sprinter vans, 2015-2019 Ford Transit vans and 2012-2017 Nissan NV vans. Need a big garage? Install flares in the mid panel of your 170" or 170" Extended Sprinter van.