Do I want windows in my flares?

An integrated 10x33 half slider can be a great addition to your flares, let in some extra light and fresh air. Please consider the following things when deciding if windows are right for you:

  • The metal trim ring of the windows is 3/4” deep, the window itself is inset 1/4” in order to be flush on the outside of the van. Therefore, at the height of the windows, your side to side bed length will be shortened by 1” per window.

  • For 144” clients: If you know your bed will be raised to accommodate bikes and you really want both windows, consider opting for the extended driver side flare for a little extra toe room.

  • There is a foot of Flarespace below the CR Laurence 10" x 33" window where the bed length is not affected. If the top of your mattress is at or around 34” off the floor, you will sleep below the window.

  • Windows are noisier than insulated fiberglass and need privacy curtains.

  • Half sliders do not move as much air as a 3-speed roof vent.

  • Waking up to an amazing view right from your pillow is not a bad way to start the day!


What is the Extended Flare?

The Extended Flare option for the 144" Wheelbase Sprinter is available for the driver side only and is 2" deeper than our standard Flare. It is only available for the driver side because it would obstruct the slider door on the passenger side. Therefore it also doesn’t work on vans with dual slider doors or on right hand drive vehicles. The Extended Flare option does not cost more than the standard depth Flare and can be selected as a window or solid Flare.

Information about the insulated acrylic windows:

We now offer the Arctic Tern Insulated Awning Window. This acrylic window measures 11.81” x 27.56” (330x700mm) and has a 10 degrees and 35 degrees opening as well as a semi-lock position that allows air in during stormy conditions. Features include:

Not able to decide?

No problem! We have lots of options and want to make sure we get the right product on your van. Please give us a call or send us an email and we would be more than happy to discuss your project with you!