Flare Set for Mercedes Sprinter 170" Wheelbase Vans

Flare Set for Mercedes Sprinter 170" Wheelbase Vans

from 1,600.00

Your flare set should be as customizable as your build! Clean and stealth? More daylight and ventilation? Extra leg room needed? We’ve got you covered!

First, decide if you are a window person

Thinking about window flares? Read this first!

Second, choose your window

  • No Window - the max bed length no matter what your bed height is. Stealth, more room to insulate, quieter.

  • CR Laurence Half Slider Window - Dark limo tint, removable mosquito screen.

  • CR Laurence Awning Window - a perfect match to your CR Laurence t-vent windows up front. Dark tint, removable mosquito screen, 15 degree opening can be used in the rain.

  • Arctic Tern Insulated Awning Window - Insulated, 35 degrees opening, complete with screen and shade assembly.

Third, let us know which flare you want on the driver and which one on the passenger side. Select your driver and passenger side from the drop down menus below. Extended 170 Flares are 1.5” deeper per side. Flares are made to order and ship within 5 business days. All window flares include the window and FedEx Ground shipping within the contiguous US is always free. Scroll down for more info.

Driver Side:
Passenger Side:

Flare Set / Mercedes Sprinter Van / 2007 to 2019 / High Roof / 170 and 170 ext Wheelbase / 27.625" x 49" x 3.5" (4.75” Extended) Flare / Includes approved installation materials and instructions. Flarespace fiberglass body flares for the rear quarter panel of all 2007 to 2019 Mercedes Sprinter vans. Will fit on cargo, passenger and crew vans. Regular and window flares increase bed length to be 75.5-77” long and 78.5”-80” with the extended driver and passenger side. Extended flare is 1.5” deeper per side. Purchase price includes ground shipping within the continental United States.

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