Questions? Read on. We have compiled information about bed width, install, warranty and all the other good stuff. Don't find what you are looking for? Give us a shout, we will be happy to help!


Why Flares and what are they?

Flares are fiberglass panels that will extend the width of your van, increasing usable space and opening up new design options. The size of a bed will be flexible in width and up to 79" long. A bed can be installed 30-36" off the floor.


Do I want windows in my flares?

An integrated 10x33 half slider can be a great addition to your flares, let in some extra light and fresh air. Please consider the following things when deciding if windows are right for you:

  • The metal trim ring of the windows is 3/4” deep, the window itself is inset 1/4” in order to be flush on the outside of the van. Therefore, at the height of the windows, your side to side bed length will be shortened by 1” per window.

  • For 144” clients: If you know your bed will be raised to accommodate bikes and you really want both windows, consider opting for the extended driver side flare for a little extra toe room.

  • There is a foot of Flarespace below the CR Laurence 10" x 33" window where the bed length is not affected. If the top of your mattress is at or around 34” off the floor, you will sleep below the window.

  • Windows are noisier than insulated fiberglass and need privacy curtains.

  • Half sliders do not move as much air as a 3-speed roof vent.

  • Waking up to an amazing view right from your pillow is not a bad way to start the day!

What is the Extended Flare?

The Extended Flare option for the 144" Wheelbase Sprinter is available for the driver side only and is 2" deeper than our standard Flare. It is only available for the driver side because it would obstruct the slider door on the passenger side. Therefore it also doesn’t work on vans with dual slider doors or on right hand drive vehicles. The Extended Flare option does not cost more than the standard depth Flare and can be selected as a window or solid Flare.

Not able to decide?

No problem! We have lots of options and want to make sure we get the right product on your van. Please give us a call or send us an email and we would be more than happy to discuss your project with you!


What size bed do Flares create?

Your raised panel bed system will be able to be installed at various heights between 30-36" off the floor. The bed itself is variable in width, allowing you to choose how much open floor space you want to gain.

Generally, 48" long bed rails along the wall (resulting in a 52" wide mattress) are ideal for a 144" Wheelbase Sprinter conversion. It will allow for a row of seat belt seating in the factory Mercedes Benz location and a compact 36" wide kitchen galley behind the driver's seat. Check out floor plan A.

Going solo? Remove one of the two panels for one person sleeping and gain even more space!

Professional installation and conversion by  Outside Van

Professional installation and conversion by Outside Van



Who can install Flares?

Any professional auto body shop can paint and install Flares. Our list of installers is growing steadily. If we do not have an installer in your area, please forward us the contact information of your trusted body shop and we will be happy to set them up.

*DISCLAIMER* Flarespace will void all warranty and liability for parts not installed by a professional installer/body shop/upfitter. Parts have to be test fit and painted prior to install.

What are the dimensions of the Flares, how much do they stick off the van?

Our flares are designed to fit directly into the rear quarter panel of a van and will extend up to the window in the mid or front panel respectively. Regular depth flares will extend 3.25” off the rear quarter panel on each side, the extended driver side flare will extend 5". This sleek design does not significantly impact the view in the side view mirrors and allows for full use of the slider door(s). Rear doors can still be opened 270 degrees with the use of an extended door stopper. Note, not applicable if rear door ladder is installed.

Do van owners ever install Flares themselves?

Flarespace encourages all clients to seek out one of our professional installers. While we do not doubt that you are capable of installing the flares yourself, it is a custom part that requires dry fitting, paint and careful install as well as specialty tools to cut out the metal. Flarespace voids the warranty on DIY installs simply because a private person does not carry business liability insurance as our installers do and sadly this is a major concern today.

Can I store Flares for a future install?

We make all of our parts to order and are generally able to ship within five business days. We highly recommend waiting to place your order until you have a paint shop and installer lined up and are ready to put them on your van. Due to the size of the flares, there is a slight potential that if stored for several months a small amount of post curing could affect the shape and therefore the fit on your van. If you do need to store them for a few weeks, please do so after unpacking and placing each panel glue flange down on a flat surface.

How are Flares installed?

Your flares arrive with a gel coat 300 grit finish. Your body shop will inspect the surface and check for pin holes then paint to match the paint code of your van. Once the paint cured, the install can begin: The rear quarter panel is cut out along the OEM stamped window lines. The cut line is treated with anti-rust primer. The part is glued onto the outside of the van using supplied 3M adhesive. The adhesive expires 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Make sure to check the adhesive before use. The remaining adhesive is used on the inside to ensure a perfect seal. The adhesive will need to cure for a min of 36 hours before the van can be used/driven/exposed to elements. Installers have access to a detailed installation video, written instructions and we are always happy to answer questions. Installation time is approximately 4-6 hours plus 24 hours of curing and water testing the following day. Please allow additional time for window flares.

Does the 3M adhesive have a shelf life?

Yes. The supplied adhesive has a manufacture date printed on it and will be good for one year from this date. Please store at room temperature and avoid freezing.

Does the slider door need to be modified?

No. The slider door will open fully without modification. Regular depth flares will work on vans with dual slider doors. 

Will my doors still open 270 degrees?

For 270-degree door opening installation of an “extended door stopper” on the rear door is required*. This part is available at your local MB of Freightliner dealership (part no. 9067600728). 

*Please note this will not work if you opt for a rear door ladder, the ladder will touch the flare regardless of rear door stopper.

Can I install flares on a passenger Sprinter Van?

Yes! Once the glass is removed from the rear quarter panel, any of our Sprinter flares can be installed. Please be sure to obtain a quote for the glass and adhesive removal from your local shop. It takes more time than just cutting an opening in the sheet metal of the van.

On the driver side, the factory window fills the entire rear quarter panel and does not stop at the slider door indentation. Our flares will not cover the bottom 3 inches on the driver side as they are made to work on vans with dual slider doors. You will need to touch up the paint or apply a strip of vinyl.

Do Flares work with a side ladder?

Regular depth flares will extend 3.25" off the sheet metal, same depth top to bottom. Not an issue with the ladder as far as clearance is concerned. Just remember, the further back the ladder, the less space your toes have to go past the ladder tread. The extended driver side flare will also work with a ladder. Your mounting point at the bottom is forward of the wheel arch.

How do I finish the Flare interior?

Here is what most conversion companies do:

Spray glue, 1/4"-3/8" closed cell foam, spray glue, fabric of your choice (such as Marathon interweave). This is for the flare itself and very easy to do. The next part is building the "ring" or window sill and header, the part that connects the flare to the finished wall of your van. This is best done by using bendable plywood also known as flexiboard. Cut 6" wide strips, 48" long and staple two together to build a ring that will sit inside the OEM window cut out. From here, scribe the wood to follow the tapered contour of the flare, sand it down and wrap it in the same foam and fabric as the flare. Use silicone to attach two wood blocks between the OEM opening and the flare which will give you two attachment points to screw the ring to. Here is a professional flare interior by Outside Van.

Professional installation by  Outside Van

Professional installation by Outside Van


What are Flares made of?

Flarespace flares are made of poly ester resin, also known as fiberglass. Our flares are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. We work closely with Miles Fiberglass, a fiberglass and composites company with over 50 years of experience in the RV, marine and wind turbine industry. MFC produces only the highest quality materials and we are proud to partner with them!

What are the Flare dimensions?

Flare dimensions vary for each type of van. For Flare dimensions specific to each van, please refer to the product page of the flare that fits your van.

Are Flares noisy?

While Flarespace can't match the noise reduction of a finished wall with 4" depth, Flares do much better than any window or roof vent in your van with 1/4" to 3/8" of closed cell foam insulation.


Can I purchase a single Flare?

Flares are only sold as a driver side and passenger side set, but you can mix and match and choose a different style of flare for each side of your van. Depending on the van, choose from Solid, Window Cutout or Extended Driver Side.

Where can I purchase Flares and what is included?

Flares are available directly from our website, Ground shipping within the continental US is free! Your purchase will include a set of flares (driver and passenger side), approved 3M adhesive and written installation instructions. Flares are also available from our preferred installers.

What about warranty?

Flarespace offers a one-year limited warranty from date of purchase on our fiberglass flares. Please refer to our full warranty disclaimer for further information. 

Can I return my purchase?

All of our parts are made to order and we therefore do not accept returns. Flares are shipped in custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. In the event the Flares are damaged during shipping, the customer is required to wait for inspection from the shipping company as well as to take specific pictures of the damage to the part and packaging. Flare Space, LLC will not be responsible for repair or replacement of damaged Flares if an inspection doesn’t occur. Please let us know immediately if Flares sustain damage during their time with the shipping company. Do not have parts repaired or dispose of packaging until the claim resolution process is finished.


Once I purchase Flares, when will I receive them?

Flares are made to order and typically ship within 5 to 7 business days of placing your order. The adhesive that is shipped with your Flares has a 12-month shelf life from the date of manufacture on the adhesive. Please plan ahead and make sure to install your Flares within 12 months of that date. Expired adhesive will harden and not come out of the tube. Flares are also not meant to be stored for a long time.  If you do need to store them for a few weeks, please do so after unpacking and placing each panel glue flange down on a flat surface.

Does Flarespace ship to Canada, Alaska or Europe?

Ground shipping within the continental US is included in the cost of a set of Flares. International customers have successfully used freight forwarding companies to ship their Flare orders outside of the US. Carlile and Vanguard both have export logistics centers in the US and will assist with account set up and customs requirements. Flarespace will ship to one of these centers.