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Read up on this @yamanomad 170 Sprinter build in the latest issue of Pine Magazine.

Read up on this @yamanomad 170 Sprinter build in the latest issue of Pine Magazine.

A Nomad Vanz Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Cargo Van 2500 High Roof 144" WB custom conversion with extended 144 driver side Flarespace and half slider windows.

Momentum Vans pulled out all the stops on this lovely new van lifestyle video featuring Flarespace 144 Flares with seating and sleeping space for 4!

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.49.22 AM.png

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We love this family oriented take on van life with plenty of gorgeous photos of their Sportsmobile 170 Sprinter van conversion.

www.campovans,com Thanks for checking out our video! If you are interested in a full custom build feel free to head on over to our website or check us out on instagram: @campovans. Happy building!! -The Campo Team Music by Ben Sound

So fun to see a van that truly breaks the mold, check out Campovan’s Green Machine! @campovans @mad_vans

  • sprincentvangoThese three make my world. Well two sometimes and one always. I’ll let you decide. I will say though, without the extra room afforded by the @fortheloveofvans with the flares to run a full length bed. Two 90+lb dogs make it hard otherwise. The espar d2 kept us warmish (should have turned it higher) over the freezing 50 degree night from @heatsocom

A family adventure up through Northern California to the Southern Oregon Coast by Douglas Hughmanick.

Eric, from TouRig Van Customizations in Golden, Colorado, takes us on a tour of their most recent build - a fully decked-out Sprinter van with Flares that's ready for anything.

As new owners of a Sprinter van, we prioritized the interior space and the eventual weight of the van as a whole as our top two building criteria. By using the Flarespace windowed flares, we were able to place our bed from side to side (perpendicular to the flared windows) and save around 18" in the living area. Alpine Mechanism built the panel bed with the top of the IKEA mattress just below the flare window, resulting in about 36" from the top of the mattress up to the ceiling and 36" from frame rail down to the floor (height underneath the bed).

The difference from our homemade plywood-bed was amazing; not only is is more comfortable but it gives us a lot more storage space below. We have a livable space in the bed, tons of gear storage below and living space up to four people escaping a rain storm. The windows are located on the very top of the flare to maximize the height of the bed while still allowing lots of light and airflow across the sleeping area. We could not be happier with the decision to go with a dedicated sleeper set-up with the Flarespace. - Jake and Sarah @syncro_sprinter


A more detailed description of the flares we installed on our van purchased at www.flarespace.com