How do I finish the Flare interior?

If you have a 144 Sprinter with Flares we have a turn key product for finishing the interior. Click HERE to be taken to the 144 Trim Ring Product Page.

For all other vans, here is what most conversion companies do:

Spray glue, 1/4"-3/8" closed cell foam, spray glue, fabric of your choice (such as Marathon interweave). This is for the flare itself and very easy to do. The next part is building the "ring" or window sill and header, the part that connects the flare to the finished wall of your van. This is best done by using bendable plywood also known as flexiboard. Cut 6" wide strips, 48" long and staple two together to build a ring that will sit inside the OEM window cut out. From here, scribe the wood to follow the tapered contour of the flare, sand it down and wrap it in the same foam and fabric as the flare. Use silicone to attach two wood blocks between the OEM opening and the flare which will give you two attachment points to screw the ring to. Here is a professional flare interior by Outside Van.

Professional installation by  Outside Van

Professional installation by Outside Van

Flarespace 144 Sprinter Trim Ring

Flarespace 144 Sprinter Trim Ring