Who can install Flares?

Any professional auto body shop can paint and install Flares. Our list of installers is growing steadily. If we do not have an installer in your area, please forward us the contact information of your trusted body shop and we will be happy to set them up.

*DISCLAIMER* Flarespace will void all warranty and liability for parts not installed by a professional installer/body shop/upfitter. Parts have to be test fit and painted prior to install.

Do van owners ever install Flares themselves?

Flarespace encourages all clients to seek out one of our professional installers. While we do not doubt that you are capable of installing the flares yourself, it is a custom part that requires dry fitting, paint and careful install as well as specialty tools to cut out the metal. Flarespace voids the warranty on DIY installs simply because a private person does not carry business liability insurance as our installers do and sadly this is a major concern today.

Can I store Flares for a future install?

We make all of our parts to order and are generally able to ship within five business days. We highly recommend waiting to place your order until you have a paint shop and installer lined up and are ready to put them on your van. Due to the size of the flares, there is a slight potential that if stored for several months a small amount of post curing could affect the shape and therefore the fit on your van. If you do need to store them for a few weeks, please do so after unpacking and placing each panel glue flange down on a flat surface.

How are Flares installed?

Your flares arrive with a gel coat 300 grit finish. Your body shop will inspect the surface and check for pin holes then paint to match the paint code of your van. Once the paint cured, the install can begin: The rear quarter panel is cut out along the OEM stamped window lines. The cut line is treated with anti-rust primer. The part is glued onto the outside of the van using supplied 3M adhesive. The adhesive expires 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Make sure to check the adhesive before use. The remaining adhesive is used on the inside to ensure a perfect seal. The adhesive will need to cure for a min of 36 hours before the van can be used/driven/exposed to elements. Installers have access to a detailed installation video, written instructions and we are always happy to answer questions. Installation time is approximately 4-6 hours plus 24 hours of curing and water testing the following day. Please allow additional time for window flares.

Are Flares pre-painted by Flarespace?

We do not offer any paint services for two reasons.

  1. The paint code alone is not sufficient for an exact match. Each paint code has several shades and needs to be matched to the specific van.

  2. There is potential for the paint to rub against our packaging material and get a dull spot or other damage during shipping and handling.

Please contact your preferred body shop or our installer list for a paint estimate.

Does the 3M adhesive have a shelf life?

Yes. The supplied adhesive has a manufacture date printed on it and will be good for one year from this date. Please store at room temperature and avoid freezing.