Adventure Awaits with Colorado Flarespace Upfitter Tourig


This is the first of a series of Flarespace installer profiles that will be written up on the blog. We are so stoked on all of our dealers and installers and will continue to rave about them here! Flarespace installers do such an amazing job making #vanlife dreams come true for their clients. Read on to learn more about one of our Colorado installers.

When demand began to increase for adventure travel vehicles in recent years, the founders of Tourig decided to do something different than what was already on the market. With encouraging the spirit of adventure on their mind, Paul Bulger and Eric Miller rounded up a great crew and began to build a rig for touring (traveler outfitted universal rig) and thus came up with the name, Tourig.

Flarespace really enjoyed hearing Eric and Amy (Tourig's Operations & Logistics Manager) speak about how important the customer experience and involvement is to their company. Tourig believes that one on one customer interaction and encouraging the customer to be an interactive part of the whole development process is of the utmost importance. The thoughtful essence of Tourig comes through in this comment from Amy. 

Just when we think we've built our ultimate build, along comes another customer to shake things up! We are getting better every day at helping owners build the perfect rig, which means our best work is already on the road...and ahead of us. As we partner with more companies like Flarespace, the design options are always expanding. Additionally, since all our our builds are custom from day 1, we consider it the "ultimate" build if the client gets exactly what they need.

Tourig conversions that Co-founder Eric Miller describes as "versatile, modular, architectural, utilitarian, clean, simple, and durable" can take from 2 days up to 3 months to complete depending on the complexity of the project. Tourig states that they source the highest quality materials for each van's process and work together to create a one-of-a-kind end product.

You can't go wrong with Flarespace. It's sleek exterior design makes it hardly noticeable, but then you look inside and realize those extra inches give you so much more freedom. By opening up the sleeping area, we can design unique under-bed and galley areas.  - Amy Cardwell

Every person on the Tourig team has lived the van life in some way, at some time. Whether it's spending time on the road for work, being a dirtbag climber in the Utah desert, or cruising the California coast in a VW bus. For Amy, the van life was super exciting at first - Where will we go? Who will we meet? Then at some point, the excitement was taken over by peacefulness, a unique simplicity that she didn't get any other way.

sleep sideways. make space. flarespace.

Check out Tourig's van conversion offerings at their website and some examples of their work in the slideshow at the top of this page!